“In 1971, those who worked on behalf of the then government against the nation and the peaceful people are called traitors. But today? You have blamed me that I do not love you. I have betrayed with you. If i truly loved you, I would not resign the job. How true you are! But, so far I can remember, you fell love on me only for my principles.”
Rituraz can not tell more. Rather while telling so, he feels pain in his heart and his eyes get drenched with tears. He can not look at Baruna, just starts to step towards. His departure is so motionless and aimless.
On the contrary, Baruna stares at him and his departure . she also can not find anything to tell him. He goes away and she stares at his departure with silence.

– ´`I told you at first stage that he is a stupid that’s why I did not admit you. Rather I gave both of you a condition, but you did not pay any heed.´`
– He tried for BCS and has become ASP only for your condtion, Baba.
– “That’s why, Now I agree. But, what has he done?”
Baruna is unable to answer her father’s question. she is silent and just tears rolls down through her chest. After a while she rushes towards her room and Lying on bed started weeping.

Rituraz is roaming here and there aimlessly. Meanwhile, he feels hungry but his walet is empty. Only twenty taka remains in his shirt pocket. He enters into a tea shop.
– good morning, sir.
Standing up from a bench a young boy greets.
– good morning,
– sir, sit here. Oh, stand aside.
Indicating one of his fellows the boy tells Rituraz.
– It’s ok.
– Sir, now I have been a gentleman.i obey your advice properly.
– good,very good. What is your name?
– Anis
– listen to me, Anis. From right now, don’t call me, sir.
– why, sir?
– i have resigned my job.
– really sir.
– am i doing fun with you?
– O, sit there.
Anis tells that fellow.
Rituraz becomes puzzled. All respects become vanished with a single sentence. When he has known, I am no more ASP now, his respect towards me goes away. Is it really called respect or fear? He askes himself, but does not find any answer.